Sunday, June 28, 2009

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When did being young and educated become a detriment?

I never thought that being in my mid-thirties and having some (no degree) of college education would be considered a detriment, but apparently the Federal Government thinks so.

Last year I applied for Social Security Disability based on complications and debilitation due to 3 spinal surgeries I had in my mid twenties.  I tried hard to function as a normal person but the work only made my physical problems that much more acute and I realized it was only going to get worse in the future.

Today I had a meeting with my lawyer to see if she can help me win my case after several unsuccessful tries on my own.  I couldn't believe my ears when she said that it was going to be hard to convince the government that I needed help as they look at my age and education level as reason why I should be able to work over my disability, despite the fact that my education is based in the arts and not compatable with everyday work environments.  Without a degree I cannot teach or work in a museum even if I could find a job offer of such.

I knew that it would take a while before my case came up, but was a bit disappointed to hear that it could be up to the end of next year before I even see a courtroom.  

Is this the message that the US Government wants to portray to the world?  Stay ignorant and uneducated and we might be willing to help you as a citizen?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Crocheted Top Hats

Besides being a painter, I love to crochet.  It started as a way to occupy myself while trying to quit smoking and has blossomed into it's own beast.

I call them ArtRat Hats.

They are created without the use of a pattern and I choose the yarn and pattern as well as height based on the person who orders them.  It's that opportunity to create a specific piece for someone's personality that makes them so much fun to make.

The Sauce Boss

There is a local Florida legend, Bill Wharton, who goes by the name of The Sauce Boss.

I first got to see him perform during Radio Live.  Radio Live is a free show that is taped live the first Thursday of every month for WUWF, tv and radio.  The problem with him performing in this kinda venue is that he can't work his usual magic.

"What is that magic?", you may wonder.

He's a chef and makes a pot of gumbo on stage while he is performing, and as he finishes his last song, he calls out "Gumbo is done!  Come get some!" and feeds the whole crowd for free.

Don't know what gumbo is?  It's a stew with a spicy kick that contains chicken, sausage, shrimp, oysters, sometimes crawfish, okra, tomatoes and served over rice with plenty of hot sauce.  don't forget the gumbo file (powdered sassafras leaves).

His blues/zydeco/cajun style music goes perfectly with the making of gumbo.  His CD contains not only music, but if you put it in your computer, it contains 200 of his recipes, plus you get a bottle of his own hot sauce to go along with it.

Friday night we were enjoying some of the fine weather at Pensacola Beach and stopped at The Paradise Bar and Grill where he happened to be playing.

The gumbo was good, the music was better.  At one point, the drummer and Bill went behind the bar and were playing the liqour bottles for a good 20 minutes.  If a bottle sounded too sharp to him, he would hand out a shot to make it the right note.

If you ever hear that he might be playing near you, if you don't go, you're a fool.

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