Monday, June 1, 2009

Crocheted Top Hats

Besides being a painter, I love to crochet.  It started as a way to occupy myself while trying to quit smoking and has blossomed into it's own beast.

I call them ArtRat Hats.

They are created without the use of a pattern and I choose the yarn and pattern as well as height based on the person who orders them.  It's that opportunity to create a specific piece for someone's personality that makes them so much fun to make.


  1. Welcome to Blogger, CC! I hope we're gonna see some of your paintings on here, too.

  2. Hi CC! Write and send the pattern for the hat to me for Marny! She quit smoking over a week ago.... Ummm.... Puh-LEASE! ;o)

  3. i'll try, but i don't use a pattern, just make it up as i go along. tell her to go to they have tons of free patterns to learn on. that's how i started making hats, and then when i realized they are all close to the same, i started improvising.