Monday, July 6, 2009

Win big in July with RedGage

The other day, one of my Gather friends told me about a site called RedGage. It's a blog sharing site where you earn cash that can be redeemed for visa gift cards once you hit $25.00.

The more you post and get viewed, the more you obviously make.

What makes this so interesting? You can easily link your Gather articles, or articles from other blog sites, to boost your page views at your other sites as well. Think of it as a marketing company for your blogs.

Also every day they do a contest where you can win a $50 dollar gift card just for uploading. For the month of July, they are giving away $150 a week and $400 for the month in addition to the daily $50 giveaway.

Anyway, if your interested, take a few minutes to check it out by following THIS LINK.

If you decide to join, they ask for the user name of the person who told you about it. My user name is CCMiranda.

or you can use this referral link .

(remember, i just signed up yesterday, so i haven't earned much yet, so don't judge by my earnings.)

crafters and artist - they don't mind if you advertise prices on your work that i've seen.

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